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All the latest news on Enel X e-Mobility

Nearly every facet of a modern home can be controlled with smart technology. Thanks to digital communications, we can use mobile apps on a connected device to effortlessly manage lights, locks, cameras, thermostats, appliances, and security...
InsideEVs are convinced the future of EV charging will include large-scale Demand Response programs within every utility in the US. Demand Response provides an opportunity for electric vehicle owners to reduce the stress on the electric grid by...

Enel X was among the providers who shifted their typical operating schedules to maximize effectiveness through 9 p.m. to match the state’s “net peak,” or total grid demand minus wind and solar to help California fight power outages....

Charged recently spoke with Giovanni Bertolino, Head of E-Mobility at Enel X, about the turnkey transit bus electrification. Enel X is involved in several different sectors of the clean energy ecosystem, and it offers a broad range of solutions to...

Episode 33 of the Redefining Energy podcast features Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X. Francesco describes the switch from a Commodity-based model to a Service-based model and how ENEL X is shaping, at breakneck pace, the Utility of...


Stay up to date on all Enel X e-mobility news

The latest smart charging news and developments from Enel X

Stay up to date on all Enel X e-mobility news

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