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Smart EV charging solutions for high-performance green buildings

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Green homes and buildings need smart, sustainable EV chargers

Highly energy-efficient buildings use energy, but they can also produce it, redistribute it back to the grid, or store it for later use. Whether it’s a green office building or off-grid passive house, JuiceBox high powered, smart EV charging stations make it easy to earn LEED points and other certifications while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Green Buildings
Reduce operating costs and energy usage with grid-connected smart EV chargers.
Green Homes
Make your home even greener by charging your electric car with the cleanest energy on the grid.

Commercial green buildings benefit from sustainably designed EV chargers

Smart EV chargers help to attain a level of sustainability that can make buildings more efficient, cheaper to maintain, and more valuable in the long run.

Maximize Your EV Charging Investment

  • Energy Cost Optimization:

    Reduce operating costs by capping peak energy usage and optimizing charging times.
  • Simple Management:

    Green buildings using JuiceNet Enterprise software can easily register drivers to access chargers via mobile devices or RFID cards and pay with the mobile app.
  • Make Charging Easy:

    EV drivers enjoy high charging speeds and seamless user experience with an intuitive mobile app.
  • Qualify for Incentives and Green Certifications:

    Smart EV chargers qualify for incentives and earn points for LEED and other green building certificates.

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Charge up your green home

JuiceBox home EV charging stations are designed to meet the needs of sustainable homes, whether they’re urban, suburban, prefab, modulator, or even off-grid.

Move your green home toward zero-carbon emissions

  • Charge Cleaner: A connected JuiceBox smart charger with JuiceNet Green can automatically shift your EV’s charge time to when solar and wind power are at maximum. Help utilities distribute clean energy while reducing the grid’s dependence on fossil-fuel power sources.
  • Smart Savings: Scheduling your charge times to times when rates are lower makes your electric vehicle even cheaper to drive and often greener. JuiceBox chargers also qualify for local utility rebates and incentives.
  • Fast, Powerful Home Charger: With 240-volt Level 2 charging, your EV can charge up to 13x faster than a Level 1 home charger.
  • Durable, Easy to Use, and Install: Indoor and outdoor rated. Set up and charging is easy with quick-release mounting bracket and built-in cable management. Dynamic LEDs show charging status and WiFi connection lets you monitor and control charging.

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